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Sinclair 'Micromatic' Pocket Radio

Micromatic Radio by Sinclair Radionics Limited, UK, c. 1970, "Britain's Smallest Radio", in the manufacturer's original carton

Inventory number 3007486
Title Sinclair 'Micromatic' Pocket Radio
Type PhysicalObject
Measurements -
Collection Science Museum
Source Source link

Museum information

National Museum of Science and Industry St Margaret St, Westminster London


Leather Menu Covers – Great Solution for Your Restaurant

Do you need a full menu, a simple selection of wine and beer, or a list of weekly specials for your restaurant? The right menu covers will help you attract more customers. Leather restaurant menu covers can be a fancy visual solution. Why is it the case?

· It is a durable choice with a beautiful design · It is available in different types, sizes, and colors. · It is great for your regular menu, starters, wine lists, or any special seasonal offers.

Features of Leather Menu Covers

The fact that leather menu covers look nice can hardly be denied. But you need to know what makes them so special.

Customized to your brand

A leather menu cover has a good potential to make a good impression on your customers. It creates a simple yet elegant look. With various colors of leather, you can pick the one that matches your restaurant’s branding. Add a logo in the menu cover to let your customers touch your brand.

Adjusted to your needs

As a café or restaurant owner, you have certain business needs to address. By choosing leather as a material for your menu cover, you should have a more or less clear understanding of the final result. Make sure that your menu cover works for your brand.

Designed to last long

Leather menu covers are highly durable for regular use. They can be cleaned easily, which allows them to stay in circulation. For example, high-quality genuine leather and durable leather can be long-term design solutions for many café facilities.